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Date of Birth:

Truckee, CA

Years Riding/Ripping/Climbing and Shredding:
25 years

Some Notable Accomplishments:
9x Big Mtn Rider of the Year Award, 2010 Snowboarder Magazine Action Sports Athlete of the Year, X Dance Film Festival Winner and has starred in over 50 snowboard movies. A real slacker:)

Earliest Memory of Riding:
After years of not knowing how to turn I finally linked up my first turn ever behind my house in Vermont

A Wild Memory:
Sending my Bivy gear down a 3,000 ft chute and watching it fly off cliffs, just clear a bergchrund and roll successfully out into the flats. I was camped 75 miles from the closest town and the bag contained my only sleeping bag and pad I had although I did not think of that until moments before launch. Then I walked around the corner and shredded the best line of my life with a very light pack, grabbed my bivy gear, had a tea party and took a nap while I waited for the sun to come around on the evenings lines.

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On the IPOD:
Bob Dylan, Mumford and Sons, Damien Marley

What's Jeremy Been Reading?
Cadillac Desert and The Power of Now

Words to Live By:
Ride to Live another day

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